Krystina & JesseView the honeymoon journal of Krystina & Jesse.

Registered couple: Krystina & Jesse
Wedding date: September 2 2007
Honeymoon Destination: Cruise from Venice to the Greek Isles


Patty & LanceView the honeymoon journal of Patty & Lance and their trip to Hawaii.

Registered couple: Patty & Lance
Wedding date: August 3 2007
Honeymoon Destination: Hawaiian Islands

Joanie & SteveView the honeymoon journal of Joanie & Steve

Registered couple: Joanie & Steve
Wedding date: June 10 2007
Honeymoon destination:  Belgium, Luxembourg, France

Marielle & JormaView the honeymoon journal of Marielle and Jorma.

Registered couple: Marielle & Jorma
Wedding date: June 30 2007
Honeymoon destination:

Giftpile Registered Couple: Kim and Jim

Wedding Date: April 2007

Honeymoon Destination: Belize

Giftpile:Why was Belize your dream honeymoon destination?
Kim & Jim:It is only a 2 1/2 hour flight from Houston and had so much to offer in terms of activities. It was a good balance between adventure and relaxation. Our other alternative was Hawaii.

Giftpile:Did you prefer the hotel in Placencia, Ambergris Caye or the lodge in the mountains?
Kim & Jim: Arenal – Tabacon – 10 Monteverde – Monteverde Lodge – 4 Tamarindo – Cala Luna – 10 Punta Islita – Punta Islita – 10 Jaco – Villas Caletas – 8 We spent 2 nights in each hotel.

Giftpile:What was the perfect place for you two to be together alone.
Kim & Jim: Just about anywhere & hotels, beach, driving, etc.

Giftpile:Tell us about the shark snorkeling. Terrifying or amazing?
Kim & Jim: We ended up not scuba diving because Sean could not find his license. We did a sunset sailboat cruise instead. That was awesome.

Giftpile:Did you pick up any great souvenirs?
Kim & Jim: Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Giftpile:Which of your day trips did you enjoy the most?
Kim & Jim: Off–shore fishing was our favorite.

Giftpile:How was the food? Could it compete with the sunsets?
Kim & Jim: The food was great, but a bit more pricey that we had expected. You can find a good mix of food types. The seafood is excellent and the Costa Rican fare was great (similar to Cuban food with white rice, black beans, a grilled meat, and plantains. There was plenty of Italian to find too.

Giftpile:Do you wish you had rented a car or jeep to get around?
Kim & Jim: We could not have made it without a 4×4 vehicle. Most of the roads are dirt and gravel with huge potholes. We were there in the dry season, so I cannot imagine driving in the wet season.

Giftpile:Is there anything that you’d have rather avoided?
Kim & Jim:We are glad that we saw the rainforest in Monteverde, but would probably not go back. This is an area for hard core bird watchers and botanists. This was the least luxurious and the hardest to travel to/from.

Giftpile:Would you recommend Belize as a honeymoon destination?
Kim & Jim: Absolutely!!

Giftpile registered couple: Joanie & Steve

Wedding date: June 10 2007

Honeymoon destination: Belgium, France & Luxembourg

Giftpile:What made you choose Northern Europe as your honeymoon destination?
Joanie & Steve: Food and drink, scenery, cities with interesting sights and museums, language ease

Giftpile:Can you pick a favorite country out of Belgium, France or Luxembourg?
Joanie & Steve: Belgium

Giftpile: Which was your favorite accommodation?
Joanie & Steve: Hotel Asiris in Bruges

Giftpile:What would be your ‘must see’ recommendations?
Joanie & Steve: Musee de la Gueuze in Brussels, Huis Van Alijn (Folk Art Museum) in Ghent, Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, biking in Strasbourg, Memling museum in Bruges, the cathedral in Strasbourg, Grand Place in Brussels, Luxembourg gardens in Paris, Gravensteen in Ghent, canal ride in Ghent, Petite Venise in Colmar, Casemates in Luxembourg, Musee D’Orsay in Paris.

Giftpile: Can you pick a favorite river for its scenery?
Joanie & Steve: The river around Luxembourg city

Giftpile: And what about the food? Belgium waffles or tarte au citron?
Joanie & Steve: Belgian waffles were amazing, but the best waffles were in Colmar, in eastern France. Tartes Flambees, also in Colmar, were delicious, Pork Shank in Belgium.

Giftpile: Where was your favorite place for some alone time?
Joanie & Steve: Colmar, because it’s a smaller town and quieter.

Giftpile: Did you pick up some great souvenirs?
Joanie & Steve: Yes, chocolate in Belgium, wine in Alsace-Lorraine, cards and other small items throughout.

Giftpile: Was there anything that you would rather have avoided?
Joanie & Steve: Santorini restaurant in Paris. Also, the canal rides in Bruges were recommended by everyone we spoke to, but it was rushed and not nearly as enjoyable as the one in Ghent. We also should have avoided dining right near Sacre Coeur in Paris on the Place du Tertre – too overpriced!

Giftpile: Would you recommend going to Europe as a honeymoon destination?
Joanie & Steve: Absolutely!

Giftpile Registered Couple: Sheela & Neil

Wedding Date: May 2007

Destination: Tahiti & Bora Bora

Giftpile:How was Tahiti? Was it as beautiful as the pictures suggest?
Sheela & Neil:Even more beautiful than we imagined

Giftpile:You stayed at the Intercontinental Resort Tahiti. How would you rate the facilities?
Sheela & Neil: Very nice. Beautiful property and very nice staff. The beds were not comfortable at all.

Giftpile:What activities did you get around to doing?
Sheela & Neil: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Shark Feeding, Safari Tours, Spa Day

Giftpile:How was the food? Could it compete with the sunsets?
Sheela & Neil: Delicious, but very expensive.

Giftpile:Was the sightseeing tour worthwhile?
Sheela & Neil:Yes

Giftpile:Did you pick up any great souvenirs?
Sheela & Neil:Yes, some lovely sarongs.

Giftpile:Where was your favorite place to be alone together?
Sheela & Neil:Bora Bora

Giftpile:Is there anything that you didn’t have time for?
Sheela & Neil: Finishing my book

Giftpile:Would you recommend Tahiti as a destination to other honeymooning couples?
Sheela & Neil: Absolutely!